Advice and Support from Specialists Is Crucial to Companies Looking to Build the Foundations for Growth

In May of this year, Lord Young released a comprehensive report on small and medium-sized enterprises through the Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. As the first report focusing on SMEs to be published since 1971, there was a lot for it to tackle.

According to Young, the changes that have taken place in the forty years since that last report have made it “easier than it ever has been to start a business; quicker than it has ever been to grow”. In terms of the state’s role in encouraging start-ups, he talks of a reduction in bureaucracy and changes in taxation that were implemented in the 1980s. However, these factors aside, the thing that Young massively acknowledges is the role that the Internet has had in changing the business landscape.

He cites Amazon, a business that started operations from a garage to become one of the biggest world retailers, as an example of how start-ups can acquire a global market. The Internet, he suggests, is the level playing field that new businesses would not otherwise have, and not even just as a retail medium, but as a marketing vehicle. With it, anyone can achieve a global reach as easily as they can a local one.

Aside from the technology itself, Lord Young is clear in his belief that many SMEs benefit intrinsically from outside help: “businesses that use external support are more likely to build the right foundations to survive and succeed”, he says.

He talks about support available from government organisations, the provision of loans and advice services. But once established, some companies need further support that they won’t find from government or charity bodies.

Providing crucial framework with IT technical support

For a company that is seeing rapid expansion in trade, perhaps beyond initial expectations, areas such as IT might be left neglected because there simply aren’t enough resources within the business, be they staff or financial, to support the growth. IT support companies are key to many SMEs in this position.

Recruiting staff and keeping them trained with the most up-to-date practices and techniques is not easy, nor cheap, in a field that is so fast-paced. Outsourced IT services are a way of supporting your business’s growth without moving focus away from core operations.

This can mean help with specific systems that might need developing, ongoing support with processes that might already in be in place, or a wholesale switch of all IT support mechanisms that you might have. We have provided these services to all sizes of companies across two decades, enabling and supporting growth with flexible contracts that work to make businesses prosper.

Over this time we have learned a lot about the unique requirements of businesses operating in various industries. The relationships we establish with our clients are long-standing, designed to build our own understanding of their specific demands so that we can offer the best advice and services.

By building this understanding we believe that we offer the external support that, as Lord Young states, helps businesses establish the right foundations in order to succeed long in to the future.