Apple And Multi Platform Support

When it comes to outsourcing IT support, integration is one of the most important aspects of a functioning business. Without proper integration you could quickly find that people become segregated by the different technologies they are using as internal communication starts to break down. As other blue chip companies will tell you, not giving ample and capable support to all platforms within your organisation is the surest way to make them unproductive. Apple have been a growing presence in businesses everywhere for the past 20 years and there is no excuse for not providing full support. Indeed, it may well be that your organisation already has a significant Apple presence with not only Mac but Macbook, iPhone and iPad all being used. Each of these pieces of hardware really needs the best in Apple business support from the established IT services London has at its disposal.

At Syntax our second name is Integration. We will work with you to ensure that your Apple Mac support is not only about OS X and Apple hardware but also integration with any current Windows platforms, or even Windows on the Mac itself. Being able to boot to either OS X or Windows is a great advantage for any department who may use a wide variety of different tools to get their job done. While Boot Camp has long provided support for both operating systems getting them both to run happily and efficiently is another story. Windows updates need to be taken account of by Apple who also need to upgrade their OS while Windows must try to utilise all of the Mac resources to provide worthwhile performance.

One of the biggest draws to our company is that we can provide top quality application support as well. With so many heavy-weight design programs on the Mac and Macbook it is important to have the machine and the software running as efficiently as possible. Not only this, but we can also offer server administration along with the ever-necessary maintenance and monitoring.

Having a network of iPad and iPhone is a great boost for a company, but keeping these devices secure and working efficiently is an entirely different matter. We can provide support delivered to ISO9001:2000 standards ensuring the highest quality and standard of support for each one of your employees. Integrating these mobile devices will enable a greater degree of autonomy and creativity among your staff which will undoubtedly manifest in better overall productivity. Ultimately Syntax is here to facilitate your business, not just support it.

Continuity is part of this process as well and we have some of the most effective disaster recovery protocols in place. Our flexible hours of operation also enable us to respond to your distress when you need it most. Each issue will be dealt through a single point of contact where approximately 85% of calls are resolved first time. Of course, each of these services is scalable to your needs as per our Tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) to support current IT solutions or replace them.