Disaster Recovery

Simple to deploy with zero capital outlay

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Protect your in-house data and VMware servers by replicating to the Syntax cloud. Eliminate the risk of data loss and business catastrophe using a tried and tested solution built on VMware Site Recovery Manager.

End to end management

The Syntax cloud offers an end-to-end solution for disaster recovery. Easy to implement and test, our solution is trusted by organisations of all sizes to deliver automated failover within a certified environment.

Cost Effective DR

A disaster recovery solution from Syntax is highly cost effective with zero capital outlay. Replace expensive off-site SAN storage, hosting and management with an inclusive, low monthly fee for total peace of mind.

Site Recovery Manager

As a leading VMware partner, Syntax has extensive expertise in disaster recovery solutions built with VMware Site Recovery Manager. Utilising best practice methodologies, our solution is tried and tested to offer a simple one-stop solution that you can rely on.

Site Recovery Manager

Disaster Recovery Advantages

Organisations running VMware virtualisation in-house benefit greatly by having a pre-built and compatible disaster recovery solution from Syntax. Guaranteed service levels underpin the Syntax solution offering organisations a proven, seamless route to business continuity.

Easy To Validate

Disaster Recovery plans from Syntax are easy to test and validate using the advanced features in VMware site recovery manager. No more guessing how your IT infrastructure will cope in the event of a disaster, with Syntax you can fully test your DR solution without disrupting your production environment.

Free Trial

To evaluate our service a free 7 day trial is available – please contact us to find out more