Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your IT Planning

We here at Syntax Integration see London businesses making great strides to plan and structure their IT effectively. However, we also see companies of all kinds getting things wrong in the same few areas every time.  Not only can this cause unnecessary business disruption, it can also lead to time and money being wasted on dealing with the problems.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be this way. Indeed, many of these common mistakes are relatively easy to fix.

So, what are the mistakes you should avoid in your IT planning?

Not Having the Right Internet Connection
Like most other companies these days, your business may well rely on Internet and emails for much of your day-to-day work. This being the case; why would you risk not having the right connection? Matching your internet package to your businesses needs should be an essential part of your IT planning. To be sure, getting this aspect right can be supremely beneficial as it will put an end to all those loss of connectivity problems which hinder productivity.

Not Having the Right Data Size Requirements
Whilst it’s not always easy to predict your data size requirements, it is fair to say that getting it wrong can be costly for your business. For sure, investing in a vastly over specified system will eat into your profits whilst not have enough space to do the functions your business needs will make you come up short in key areas. Ensure you get the balance right.

Not Having Off-Site or Online Data Backup Systems
Business backup systems are vital as they afford you the protection you need to ensure you can still access your business critical data after something disastrous has happened. But where is your data backed up exactly? On your work premises? In your office? This is a far from ideal solution as something like a fire or burglary could leave you your company completely data-free and effectively in a whole world of hurt. Keeping your backup data online or off-site is a simple yet very effective way of making sure you’ll always have at least one copy of your essential information at hand.

Reacting to IT Problems Instead of Solving Business Issues
Even a relatively minor IT problem can quickly develop into something that can affect your whole business. For instance, if you lose your internet connection, it will impact on your productivity. Naturally, you could have the connectivity problem fixed and be done with it, although the chances are it will happen again soon enough. Alternatively, you could find a solution that would ensure it doesn’t happen again. In this example, installing a second internet line would not only solve the IT problem (no internet connection) but also the potential business issue (loss of productivity) too.

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