Get the Best from Outsourcing with These Top Tips

Outsourcing IT services is a core part of many business plans and can be vital to the smooth running of your company, giving you the chance to tap into expertise that might not be in-house whilst offering a convenient and cost-effective way of dealing with your IT infrastructure. But, making sure you’ve got a productive and beneficial working relationship with your IT consultancy in London takes more than signing on the dotted line, so to help ensure things run smoothly we’ve put together a few top tips that can help you get the best from the outsourcing arrangement.

•    Choose your consultancy firm wisely. Any company needs to provide the exact services that you’re looking for, and make sure to check their reputation in the industry by seeking reviews and recommendations. They need to be able to offer an exceptional standard of service whilst responding to any issues quickly and efficiently (check the SLAs given in your contract), and remember that you need to get on with the consultants as well.

•    There’s no “I” in team. IT comprises a huge part of your company so it’s essential that everything goes according to plan, and that’s why you need to make sure you forge a good relationship with your outsourced company. It’s all about teamwork, and you’ll find you’re able to resolve any issues far easier by keeping everything professional yet personable with management teams that can work together.

•    Get the contract that best suits your needs. Thoroughly going through the contract at the start of the process ensures there won’t be any nasty surprises along the way, and always make sure you’re getting the contract that suits your precise circumstances. You’ll need to consider things like the services you’ll need, the type of response and input you expect from the firm and the length of the contract as well—do you want a rolling contract, a fixed arrangement or something on the more long-term end of the scale? It’ll all come down to your business circumstances, but getting everything sorted upfront can save a lot of issues later on.

•    Remember that you get what you pay for. You always need to think about the bottom line but make sure to never be too swayed by the price—a lower price will invariably mean a lesser service and more contractual restrictions, so don’t go for companies that cut corners and instead make sure you’re getting a fantastic level of service at great value for money.

Outsourcing your IT provision can be a great decision for your company, but get it wrong and the consequences could be disastrous—with IT having such a central role in business any issues could quickly take their toll, so remember these top tips and you’ll be able to get the best from the experience to ensure your company can benefit. One final tip? Get in touch. Here at Syntax we’re a leading provider of computer support in London and can ensure you get the results you’re looking for, taking on your IT needs with experience and professionalism to ensure you get the results you want.