Get The Most From The Mac Platform

Apple Computers have seen a meteoric rise to popularity which has cemented their position as the number one business in the world. Behind the iPods and iPhones however, Apple have always created quality computers that were built on a rock solid operating system. As more and more businesses are turning to Apple, the IT support services London has to offer must adapt too. At Syntax we are perfectly positioned to offer Mac business support, which can be absolutely integral to businesses that are in the creative industry, and increasingly a number of other businesses too.

We can not only offer best in class Mac OS X support but also OS X Server support too, if you want to use Apple as the basis of your entire network. Using Apple as a base is a great way to ensure that you have a very certain upgrade path that comes with Apple’s traditional quality of hardware and software. Where we come in is with support for an entire business organisation that can maintain your business continuity and resolve problems as quickly as possible. We can therefore offer full server administration as well as maintenance and continuous monitoring services.

It is our aim with Mac support to resolve 85% or more of first calls the first time. By offering this service we are advertising our expertise, since only by knowing these systems inside out will we come close to achieving this goal. We are also ISO 9001:2000 accredited to deliver these quality management services as well as ITIL best practice accredited. This means that we truly are the experts to come to if you are wanting to create a business that uses Apple as its foundation.

One of the most important aspects of running a Mac well is application support. We can enable you to get the most from your programs and run them optimally and continuously. If you are experimenting with the OS X platform and want to use Windows too, we can also help you to create systems that run both of these industry standard operating systems. Being able to switch between the two gives Mac a significant advantage over PCs which are typically restricted to Windows and Linux. The Apple platform also gives better integration with other devices such as the iPhone and iPad, which can increase your capabilities when it comes to mobile computing.

Infrastructure is always an important consideration on our end, which is why you will have a convenient single point of contact with us. This can simplify things for you (and us) drastically, helping us both to work together as efficiently as possible. We can also offer data storage management solutions as well which can give you disaster recovery options as well as mobile opportunities that you perhaps didn’t have before. Being able to work flexible hours to achieve all of this will be vital for you as well, so we can be contacted to provide support when you need, rather than what is convenient for us.