Invest in Cloud Skills or Risk Marginalisation, Bosses Told

One respected group of analysts has kicked off 2013 by warning bosses that they risk being marginalised by the rest of their business if they do not invest in  the skills and processes needed to effectively manage cloud services.

As other areas of businesses begin to directly buy in public cloud services, the danger is, the analyst says, that IT departments risk losing the initiative over cloud.

Now bosses in charge of IT are being urged to redress the balance by investing so that cloud services can be provided internally.

In particular, it’s being suggested that infrastructure and operations within IT departments need to be comfortable with cloud.

At the same time, it’s important that those responsible for infrastructure and operations to select their cloud technology with great care, and to avoid the risk of becoming locked into a particular supplier’s technology.

One indicator the analyst group has developed shows that infrastructure and operations departments on average currently score just over two out of a possible five for process management, yet three is reckoned to be the minimum required for the delivery of cloud services to be effective. This shows that many organisations simply do not have the in-house expertise necessary to take advantage of cloud-based solutions.

The sort of investment that cloud needs is significant. And if you are not able to provide training or to develop these services in-house, you will need to choose one of the many IT support companies around and outsource.

But, of course, with so many service providers to make your selection from, where do you start?

What Syntax Offers

Syntax covers the London area, and for the last two decades we have been offering a broad range of services, from online data back up to business continuity consulting.

There are three main elements to what we offer:

•    Business continuity and disaster recovery
•    IT project solutions
•    IT support and outsourcing.

As part of our IT project solutions, we can help you to install solutions including private and public cloud services, and much more. With our assistance, you could take control of your IT expenditure and benefit from services that are closely tailored to your business strategy. (We only ever recommend the level of support which is right for your business.)

And with our specialist support, you will be able to highlight the improvements that can be made to your IT which will add value to what you do, and boost the performance of your system – and therefore your staff.

The switch to Syntax from the solutions you use at the moment will be smooth thanks to our tried and tested transition strategy, keeping any potential risks related to changing service provider to an absolute minimum. We also invest a lot of time at an early stage, reviewing any existing issues and doing any necessary remedial work to provide greater reliability and enhanced performance.

So, whether are you are keen not to be left behind in the cloud revolution, or to learn more about all of our services, visit our website or get in touch today. Our experts are here to help.