IT Outsourcing: Measuring Value & What to Do if Things Go Wrong

If you are in the market for outsourcing your computer suppor,t London alone has so many providers that it can seem hard to know where to begin.

Clearly, you will need to speak to a number of service providers in person to judge their approach to your business, and you will be looking for a company that strikes a chord with your own, and one which has business acumen as well as extensive technical expertise, so that you create long term value for your organisation.

It’s also worth considering how you will assess the value of your IT outsourcing, whether you are buying in backup services or anything else. Bear in mind that it may take a while to quantify the benefits of outsourced IT, and some benefits may be hard to measure, including things like increased efficiency and productivity and cultural changes in your business.

However, some of the things you can measure tangibly include:

•    A strong balance sheet
•    Reduced monthly outgoings as processes become more streamlined
•    Increased capital reserves

What to Do if Things Go Wrong

Things change, and if the market takes a totally fresh direction, or your outsourcing partner chooses a new business model, or if your own strategy takes a new course, you need to be able to regain control.

Bear in mind that your outsourcing partner may have implemented new applications and systems, and changed some processes. So it’s important to have an exit agreement agreed in advance, preferably as you are negotiating your contract.

This can also help concentrate your attention on what you need to achieve, and have a more clearly established view of what you need from you outsourcing partner and reducing the need to end your agreement.

Of course, if you choose the right partner in the first place, you shouldn’t need to put this exit clause into action.

IT Services from Syntax Integration

At Syntax Integration, we’re a leading London-based provider of an extensive range of high quality IT solutions, from server hosting to disaster recovery and business continuity services.

With nearly 20 years’ experience of designing, implementing and supporting complex IT business solutions, we have at our core an ethos of excellent customer service, best practice and high calibre staff.

We can install innovative, effective solutions and solve problems at speed. Our staff are highly qualified and we provide our services under a stringent
ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

We like to build long-term working relationships with our customers, and give them the solutions that will improve their business performance significantly.

And, as well as being able to offer extensive experience, quality of service and technical expertise, we also have financial security. Equally, we have received accreditations at the highest level from across the industry, giving us access to the best possible technical support, which really comes into its own when we’re working on complicated projects.

Clients who work with us know they can move confidently into the future. Learn more today about how you could join them.