IT Resources on Demand

Outsourcing IT Services with Syntax – IT resources on-demand

Syntax provides business-critical IT Support and Outsourcing in London and we can provide customers with direct access to our pool of highly skilled and experienced technical and managerial resources. The service is delivered in three distinct ways depending on the level of ownership and flexibility required by our clients:-

Flexible Resources

Syntax can provide outsourced IT resources on an ad-hoc basis (daily, weekly, etc.) and to support ‘business as usual’ IT requirements, peak workloads, skills shortages and planned periods of absence.

Project Resources

Syntax can provide additional outsourced IT resources to assist with IT infrastructure projects. We can manage a project and provide all the team resources, or backfill as necessary to help ensure the successful completion of a specific project.

Managed Resources

Syntax can provide managed IT resources as a service, including elements such as skills rotation, holiday and absence cover – all fully managed and delivered by Syntax to agreed SLAs.

By outsourcing IT services, our clients will have access to highly experienced experts who have attained the highest qualifications offered by the industry.

We have a variety of skills available, including;

  • Technical Architects
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Service Desk Management
  • Service Desk Engineers

The Benefits of IT Resources on Demand

  • Access to a pool of highly skilled IT resources
  • Flexibility to meet with changes in business resource requirements
  • No need to pay agency fees or spend time interviewing
  • More flexible and less commitments than employing full time resources

When it comes to outsourcing IT, our clients trust that we will provide resources with the attitude and attention to detail that is required to make a positive impact to IT.