IT Spending a Top Board Priority, Claims New Research

Company boards are making IT spending as big a priority as sales operations investments, says new research published by one analyst firm.

Some 175 board members were polled, mainly in the UK and the States, this spring for the 2012 Board of Directors Survey. And sales and IT were tied as the the main priorities for spending. Equally, some 64% felt that spending would increase during the current fiscal year.

One respected analyst described these results as “forward-looking and proactive”, adding: “This underlines the fact that the planned investments are vital to growth, and even survival.”

An overwhelming 90% of those who responded said IT’s “strategic contribution” to corporate operations would increase over the next couple of years. And 50% agreed that IT can “change the rules of competition” in their respective fields.

The poll also reveals that members of boards are becoming keener to diversify their companies’ products and services. So survey organisers are urging IT managers to spend time analysing their strategies for absorbing technologies and systems obtained via acquisitions.

The same firm earlier predicted that the international spend on IT products and services such as backup services would increase 3% during this year.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

In view of these findings, it’s never been more important to have the best possible IT offering for your organisation. For many, that means outsourcing is the most efficient and cost-effective solution. It allows management to concentrate on wider issues, and the specialist company handing the outsourced IT typically has a technical capacity and knowledge which is better than what you have in-house.

So, in summary, outsourcing is frequently viewed as cost-effective way of expanding into new markets and countries.

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