Migrate To Office 365 For New Capabilities

Maintaining ground with the pace that new software moves at is often difficult for businesses. It is, however, integral to many businesses who need products such as Microsoft Office.

In autumn 2010 Microsoft announced Office 365: a cloud hosted software as a service (SaaS) solution that allows subscribers to access office tools through a regular browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. This is on top of all of the other staple Microsoft products such as Exchange Online, Sharepoint and Lync, all of which can mean that this upgrade is essential.

However, what really seals the deal is being able to access Office Web Apps, giving people access to their Office products regardless of where they are in the world. This means that businesses can now deploy workers anywhere and can be confident that they can access all of their information and programs rapidly and conveniently. What it can also mean is that the business also has to invest in Office 365 migration.

At Syntax we are better placed than many other IT firms because we are an accredited Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner, which means that we are an authority when it comes to cloud applications and how they can benefit your business.

Cloud technology is performing a revolution in the world of business, changing the way we work and what potentials business can fulfill in different ways. As part of our Microsoft Office 365 UK service we can offer you education on cloud solutions, which can ensure that you choose right if this is your first foray into cloud technology. Further to this, we can also give you accurate price plans and carry out assessments of your current capabilities and whether you meet the requirements necessary. As cloud services are not something that you enter into lightly, we can help you to run trials as well as give you advice on compliance requirements as well as e-mail archiving.

Out of all of the IT support companies London has to offer, our migration planning is one of the most thorough and trusted. Cloud technology is relatively new, so it pays for you to choose a company who have expertise and experience in the field to ensure that your migration to cloud platforms are as seamless as possible. This means integrating single sign-on options, as well as Active Directory and migration as well as exit strategies. Having all of this in place beforehand will allow you to plan a cohesive roadmap that will protect you from any meaningful disruption to your normal business services.

Implementation will include configuring and customising the Microsoft 365 platform to your needs as well as migrating all user data. After completing all of this it is also vital that you are not abandoned to figure out everything for yourself, either. We will be there to offer training and support that can help you to get the most from your move to cloud technology. This includes industry’s best practices as well as individual user support and management options.