Outsourced IT Services: 2013 Predictions

The economic climate leaves businesses across the UK and Europe with plenty of challenges – but what is 2013 likely to have in store for outsourced IT services?

A leading technical magazine asked experts what they thought lie immediately ahead for the industry.

One head of outsourcing at a large legal firm predicts that 2013 will be a busy year for those who provide outsourced IT support, especially those who are both bold and creative.

The industry outsider added: “More of the larger organisations will adopt public cloud at enterprise level so that we’ll see it being used by financial institutions like banks for some areas of their business, as the EU publishes new standards and regulations for the public cloud.”

There is a feeling that new security initiatives will be behind increased interest in public cloud storage. Many organisations may start to consider that storing data in the cloud is a viable and cost-effective proposition.

Other predictions include increased use of outsourcing across southern Europe, and Britain’s public sector is set to remain open to extensive outsource IT support opportunities – both at local and central level.

Another UK IT boss has predicted that Software as a Service (SaaS) will see renewed enthusiasm in the form of application portal implementations.

At the same time, companies also need to prepare themselves for an extensively collaborative approach this year, thanks to the continued power of social media and toolkits for communal working such as Google Docs and Office 365.

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