Protect Your Business From Disaster With Online Backup Services

As businesses have become more computer orientated it is important to protect yourself against technological disasters. The use of a paper trail is becoming less common place and frequently hard copies of certain documents are not printed off. While backing up information and files may be seen as a precaution some find tedious to execute, failing to do so can have a devastating effect on a company.

What Backup Services Can Provide

Online backup services have replaced traditional tape based systems of record keeping. They are a fully automated, safe system. Information is stored at a data centre, transmitted quickly and securely from your PC. By encrypting and compressing the information before it is transmitted, the data is kept safe and can only be accessed by certain individuals.

The advantage of an online service is that the information is kept in one archive which can be accessed at any time from any location. As long as you have internet access you can begin the task of business recovery should a disaster occur.

Do You Have A Disaster Backup Plan?

Backing up data is a fundamental part of any business. Keeping a record of contracts, clients and contacts is a priority which cannot be underestimated. Studies have shown that 60% of businesses which have failed to keep adequate records and have suffered a loss of data will shut down within six months.

The time and effort spent on retrieving data from external contacts is a price that modern businesses simply cannot afford. Complacency or a false sense of technological security merely raises the risk of a disaster. While computers have made some aspects of business easier this does not mean that precautions should not be taken when using them. A comprehensive business backup plan will safeguard your company from a disaster that could ruin your entire operation.

How A Backup Service Can Work For You

While businesses of any size are currently monitoring their expenditures closely, backing up your work can be cost effective as well as company saving. The system is priced per gigabyte so the cost will be proportionate to the success of your venture. This ‘pay as you grow’ method means that the smallest of companies can afford to guard themselves and ensure stable progression.

A SecurStore Online Backup Service replicates data to an additional subsystem which makes the process of business recovery quicker and easier. Data can be restored quickly, saving you time and hassle establishing your business again. As well as this our expert staff are available for assistance 24×7.

With nineteen years experience we are confident in our ability to provide computer data protection. Choosing the right IT support partner is a tough choice, but our computer support London team are extremely experienced and delivery a high quality of service. Please refer to our website for further information on backup systems and services, and for a detailed description of how you can start implementing disaster and recover solutions.