Protect Your Data Before Disaster Strikes

The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the USA are sobering for everyone who sees the horrifying pictures. Subways flooded, electricity power failed, and hospitals were forced to transport patients when backup generators failed to supply power. The death count toll is rising and it is estimated that it will take years and billions of dollars to get the East Coast back on its feet. In normal circumstances New York City is known as the financial hub of the world, yet with communications and transport links down, even the NYC stock market had to close in light of Sandy’s waves of destruction.

Officials have stated that both wireless and wired communication services which were downed by Hurricane Sandy are being steadily restored but that several outages may remain for some time to come. Two of the biggest mobile phone networks in the USA have announced that they have made a joint decision to allow each other’s customers to freely roam over their wireless networks in storm damaged areas. This is expected to help improve communication and call connecting services within the region which will help boost supply lines and public morale.

Unfortunately, there is not much that we humans can do to stop Mother Nature when she is out in full force. But we can take steps to protect our homes and businesses in case of a disaster striking. IT support companies can provide a number of services to ensure that your sensitive business files and documents do not get irretrievably lost when a disaster occurs. Our online data backup service is specifically designed for corporate data networks. We make sure that your data is available online in an offsite location for 24 hours a day meaning that you can access it whenever you need it most.

Our online backup service proves to be a much more reliable method of data storage than traditional tape methods. When a disaster strikes you never know when you will be able to return to your office. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, many New Yorkers could not get to work because of the significantly damaged public transport networks. If you employ the professionals to keep your data safe online then you can rest assured that your business is safe no matter what the physical damage to your office buildings. Even better, we price our packages by the gigabyte, meaning that you only ever need to pay for what you use and nothing extra.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your livelihood will have a strong chance of surviving after a disaster can prove to be invaluable. Businesses rely on IT services now more than ever before. It only takes one accident or disaster to wipe away years of hard work. Invest in support services today to ensure that you can trade tomorrow. The USA is a hard working country and will no doubt recover and rebuild their lives from the destruction that Hurricane Sandy left behind.