Sourcing Disaster Recovery IT Support

Sometimes in life, worrying too much about the hypotheticals can be counterproductive, but when it comes to business disaster recovery planning, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s crucial that you make sure your enterprise is able to cope with a range of possible emergency scenarios. If you don’t succeed in this, all your hard work and achievements may disappear within the space of a few hours.

The fact it, it’s impossible to know when disaster will strike and if and when it does, your firm needs to have the necessary business backup solutions in place.

Don’t let your achievements get washed away

A perfect example of the risks facing businesses has been the unseasonal flooding seen this month. Wind and rain has battered parts of the UK, causing serious damage in some areas. When companies find their computing systems, power supply and so on is disrupted by events like this, it’s vital they have solutions in place to ensure they don’t lose important information and systems.

Commenting on this in a Reading Post blog, public speaker and former journalist Graham Jones, who also operates as a web psychologist, said: “Every time we see floods on TV we witness people throwing out items destroyed by the water and the muck that flows with it. And as the people in Berkshire who were victims of the 2007 floods will tell you, it can take months, if not years, to recover from the nightmare.”

It won’t happen to me

He went on to state: “Strange as it may seem, the vast majority of companies have no plans to deal with disaster because they think ‘it won’t happen to us’. Instead, they hope it will only ever happen to other companies.

“But your business could be flooded, burned down or have all its property stolen. So you put in fire alarms and theft protection. But what about other disasters? What if all your hard disks crash with all your data on them? What if the member of staff with all the company knowledge in their head gets run over? What if your basement with all your records in it is flooded? Could you survive?”

Staying afloat

The expert also pointed out that statistics reveal the majority of businesses that suffer disasters like this are not in operation a year later.

According to Mr Jones, the recent flooding could be seen as a signal for companies to make sure they arrange the right protection.

Come to us

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