IT Support London and IT Outsourcing Services

Intelligent IT Support

SyntaxOne is a first-class IT support in London, designed for customers who require rapid response, high availability and minimum disruption to their business.

The service is based upon the combination of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice and corporate quality standards to provide a rock-solid foundation for service management.

In order to maintain the highest levels of service and resolve issues quickly, customers receive direct access to a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced technical consultants who aim to fix the majority of issues on first call.

SyntaxOne IT Support Framework

SyntaxOne is a framework with components that can be chosen and implemented independently giving customers increased flexibility and control. Through automation of the day-to-day management of systems we are able to provide a large proportion of IT services remotely, without compromising the quality of the support. By applying standards, processes and policies we are able to control the environment and manage IT more effectively.  

SyntaxOne IT Support Benefits

Increased IT reliability and availability

By implementing rock-solid IT standards and controlled management processes we are able to increase the reliability and availability of servers and workstations, leading to greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

High Quality IT Support in London

SyntaxOne is a high quality solution delivered under an ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and developed in accordance with ITIL best practice.

Cost-effectiveness of IT Support

We work more efficiently and cost-effectively by using proven technology to automate IT management processes and by carrying out day-to-day tasks remotely.


SyntaxOne is a framework of components that can be selected independently, allowing customers to decide how much or little support is required.


The SyntaxOne portal gives the customer complete control of IT, providing real-time system availability information, plus full details of all service requests and how they have been resolved.

Performance Management 

SyntaxOne is provided through a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that presents the full details of each service as well as a set of tailored response times. This means that IT services can be tuned to meet the needs of the business, and most importantly, that IT performance can be measured against pre-determined criteria.