The Best IT Support Services London Has to Offer, But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

For us, outsourcing IT services means delivering complete support, and we always look to work alongside existing systems and management to improve your operations rather than undermine them. Over the 16 years that we have been operating, we have developed an extensive range of services that suit varying sizes of businesses that have required our assistance when looking for IT solutions they simply do not have the resources to implement themselves.

Through working with businesses that operate in all sorts of industries, we have been able to improve our understanding of the solutions that different companies require, and the level of assistance that they each need. Furthermore, by surviving for so long in the ever-evolving world of IT, we have kept abreast of the latest technological advances that happen so regularly in our field. This can be seen in our partnerships with companies such as Dell, and notable awards such as our recently achieved elite Microsoft Cloud Champions accreditation.

When providing support, we have extensive experience of working with existing IT departments to deliver systems that are fully integrated with day-to-day operations, understanding that in-house support is more focused on a “fire-fighting” role concentrated on resolving the short-term computing demands of a company.

Delivering Robust IT Infrastructure to Simon & Schuster

One example of how we have been able to offer an integrated service to run alongside existing operations is our work upgrading the IT infrastructure of publishing company Simon & Schuster. With an approach that started by studying their existing IT environment, we were able to analyse what technology they already had in place and their IT needs for the future.

By carefully considering their requirements, we were able to propose changes that would improve the efficiency of their service model. This meant recommending a move to packages that would be more manageable and have increased reliability while still meeting the demands of the system.

Once this new system was implemented, we were able to offer Simon & Schuster the on-site support they required for both system management, and to improve their approach to resolving day-to-day problems for their IT users. In this case, it meant combining a Syntax ServiceDesk with the presence on one of our on-site engineers.

This collaborative work is typical of the way we approach large-scale projects. You can see a more detailed case study on this particular project on the Customers section of our website. There, you will also find in-depth details of work we have done with other large firms such as Parkview International London PLC and London Southbank University.

In both instances, you will see evidence of how we use extensive analysis to make transitions to new technology seamless, implementing systems that consider the future of each company. This adaptable approach is necessary because of the varied nature of each business’s demands.

So whether you are looking for just an online backup service that you can trust, or are looking to overhaul your current IT systems with a more progressive model, call or email us for a quote and to discuss the options we can give your business going forward.